Cannabis storage with Map-Tech Lids

Smart Tech for Dumb Containers

Smart Tech for Dumb Containers

Smart Tech for Dumb ContainersSmart Tech for Dumb ContainersSmart Tech for Dumb Containers


M.A.P. Technology

Our patented technology gives consumers the ability to use the time tested and proven technique that food processors, packagers and winemakers have used since the 1930s'. The technique is called Modified Atmosphere Packaging or "M.A.P." 

M.A.P. is the simple exchange of damaging oxygen (typically) with natural, organic nitrogen, to extend shelf life of stored products

Utilizing our Map-Tech system brings this technology to Growers, Dispensaries and Consumers for premier cannabis and hemp storage. 

Oxygen Is The Enemy

Oxygen can be very damaging during cannabis and hemp storage. Oxygen contains moisture - which causes oxidation, mold and bacteria to form. Even bug infestation

Approximately 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 21% is oxygen and 1% is argon and other trace elements. This 21% oxygen can quickly destroy product at any and all stages of its life span.

Control Oxygen, Moisture and Humidity

Controlling temperature and humidity when curing or storing your product is essential. Controlling the atmosphere, or head-space, in your container reduces the chance of mold or bacteria from forming (bugs can not live in an oxygen free environment). 

At dispensaries or at home, the simple opening and closing of storage containers can wreck havoc on the product and increases bacteria exposure. 

Protect Your Investment


ARE YOU PROTECTING YOUR CANNABIS AND CBD FROM THE CORONAVIRUS AND OTHER DESTRUCTIVE PROPERTIES? While M.A.P. technology and nitrogen does not destroy any virus, including the coronavirus, it does create an environment to keep the product at its safest and as free as possible from exposure to contamination. It will control moisture, mold and oxidation while preventing bacteria from forming as well any pest or mite infestation. Health and wellness aside, we’ve seen the coronavirus have a huge impact on numerous aspects of the global economy, and the cannabis industry is no exception, and this is just the industry – not to mention the products themselves. ASK YOURSELF... Where did Your product come from? Who is or has handled your product? THEN... ORDER NOW

Our Products

Map-Tech Lids

Natural Preserve

Zip-N-Zap Bags

Mason Jar - Map-Tech Lids

Map-Tech lids fits all Mason type jars. Wide-Mouth or regular. Best for Dispensaries and consumer cannabis storage. Use only with canisters of Natural Preserve.  Jars and Natural Preserve sold separately.

Zip-N-Zap Bags

Natural Preserve

Zip-N-Zap Bags

Zip-N-Zap Bags with Natural Preserve

Keep all your edibles fresher longer stored in a Zip-N-Zap bag with Natural Preserve. BPA free with heavy barrier film and double zipper. Makes for great home cannabis storage too

Natural Preserve

Natural Preserve

Natural Preserve

Natural Preserve

100% natural, organic, food grade nitrogen. Canisters have attached, fold-down stainless steel straw to help reduce bacteria. Protect and extend the shelf life in cannabis storage

Duckit Gamma Lid

GrowPack Hemp Storage Containers

Natural Preserve

Duckit Gamma Lid with Hygrometer

Fits all round 3.5 - 7 gallon pails for larger cannabis and hemp storage. Complete with fittings. Shown here with optional hygrometer

Miron Jars with Map-Tech Lid

GrowPack Hemp Storage Containers

GrowPack Hemp Storage Containers

Miron Jars with Map-Tech Lids and Hygrometer

The ultimate cannabis storage jar. UV glass shown here with Map-Tech Lid and optional hygrometer. 100, 200, 300 and 500 ml jars

GrowPack Hemp Storage Containers

GrowPack Hemp Storage Containers

GrowPack Hemp Storage Containers

GrowPack Bio M.A.S.S. hemp storage bin

Large 950 lbs. to 3000 lb. hemp storage bins. Food grade, FDA approved, rounded inside corners for easy clean up and extracting product. Airtight Map-Tech Lid has nitrogen fill port, oxygen release valve and built-in hygrometer

Cannabis and Hemp STORAGE

Recommended by Growers, Dispensaries and Consumers

Our cannabis and hemp storage products have been sold to Growers, Dispensaries and Consumers - world-wide. Some states here in the USA mandate that cannabis be sold in airtight, sealed packages that have already been measured and weighed. Most dispensaries that are subject to these laws inject small amounts of nitrogen into these packages prior to sealing to keep product fresh and extend shelf life. Now, consumers can utilize this same technique - right at home.  


Medical and CBD

Medical marijuana contains antispasmodic qualities which relax muscles and has shown to be an effective treatment for seizures. Marijuana oils that are rich in cannabidol (CBD), are the preferred method for treatment. Cannabis storage and medical  products should be kept in an airtight jar or containers with a good seal and out of direct sunlight.  Map-Tech Lids for all Mason and Miron type jars are a perfect solution.  

Most pharmaceuticals come packaged using M.A.P. technology. 

CBD oils will stay fresher longer.  Map-Tech Lids with Natural Preserve prevents oil from going rancid. Store in a cool dark place. 


Hemp Growers

Finally a real solution for hemp storage. Store, cure and ship hemp - flower or biomass safely and effectively. This patented system of FDA approved containers utilize M.A.P.  technology to store and ship hemp. Controls humidity and moisture build up when storing. A short-term or long-term storage solution available in several sized containers. Ship to your processor with confidence in a mold, bacteria and bug free environment. 

About us

Who we are

Our parent company, the Aion Equity Group, d/b/a Natural Storage Systems and N2 Preserve, is fairly new to the marketplace but certainly not new to cannabis storage. Some of our personnel have been in business, business development and various forms of marketing, manufacturing, wholesale/retail and financial management for years. The relationships that have been developed over the years, internally and externally, remain strong.

Our Achievements

Recipient of the "Inventors Recognition Award" for the  "Most Innovative and Best New Invention" for 2017 by the International Housewares Association for food and cannabis storage. 

We were given the "Best of Plymouth" Award for outstanding service and quality. Plymouth, MN  2015, 2017 and 2020

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the best cannabis and hemp storage products and service in the industry. Our innovative staff is constantly working, keeping up with the market as it evolves, while preserving the quality and design of our unique products.

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